Focused Julaton ready for the biggest fight of her career

Eat, train, sleep, repeat. Eat, train, sleep, repeat. Eat, train, sleep, repeat. That’s been WBO female super bantamweight champ Ana ‘The Hurricane’ Julaton’s life these past 8 weeks. You can say she lived and breathed boxing in preparation for what she considers her biggest fight to date in Argentina, against undefeated challenger Yesica Marcos this Friday, March 16.

With just a couple of days away, Julaton has finished up the final touches of her preparations at the Hercules Gym in San Martin with trainer Angelo Reyes, and is raring to go.

“I’m really looking forward to this fight. Is it going to be the biggest stage? Absolutely. I always look for that. I strive for that,” Julaton told me in our most recent conversation. “I feel like it’s my responsibility as a world champion, especially as a female fighter, to go out there and take on the biggest challenges,” added the Daly City, California native.

A huge Argentinian crowd of more than 30,000 is expected to show up at the Teatro Griego Juan Pablo Segundo in San Martin to cheer on their boxing heroine Marcos. Female boxing is huge in Argentina (as seen on the attached video in this page), and Julaton believes that by successfully defending her crown on such a big stage, will not only set her up for bigger fights in the future, but will also help women’s boxing get its due recognition.