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The statutes of the World Boxing Organization are established to regulate the organizational and administrative processes of the WBO. They aspire to guarantee a democratic participation of the members that compose it and to define the parameters of appropriate conduct for its members and associates.









The following Directors of the World Boxing Organization shall be elected by a majority of votes cast at the Annual Convention: The President, the four Vice-Presidents, the International Commissioner, the Treasurer and four Members.

The following Director shall be appointed by the President of the Organization: the Secretary, the Director of the Classifications Committee, the Director and the Sub-Director of the World Championships Committee, the Medical Director, the Director of Grievance and the Administrative Advisor and three (3) members.

The five Regional Vice-Presidents shall be recommended to the Executive Committee by a majority of the votes cast by the delegates of the respective regions in the Annual Convention.

In order to be elected or appointed, the candidate must be a Member, or that is up to date in his/her fees due to the Organization. Likewise, the candidate shall be present at the Annual Convention, making an exception to this requirement to those persons who have been unable to attend the Convention for force majeure, duly approved by the Credentials Committee to be appointed for each Convention.


The President shall preside the meetings of the Executive Committee and the Convention of the Organization. The Vice-Presidents, in the order of their election, shall have all the powers and shall perform all the duties of the President in his absence or inability to exercise his office.

The Regional Vice-President shall administer the affairs of his/her respective region, and shall preside its meetings as agreed on with the President and subject to the mandate of the Executive Committee.

The International Commissioner shall advise and counsel the President and the other Directors and shall act as a member of the Executive Committee.

The Secretary shall keep the record of the Organization, issue notice of all the meetings of the Organization, keep a complete record of all the contests and exhibitions held under the auspices of the Commission members of the Organization, and shall perform all those duties prescribed in the Constitution and the Statutes of the Organization.

The Treasurer shall receive the monies of the Organization and shall pay all the accounts approved by the President, subject to the provisions of the budget. The necessary minor expenses paid by any Committee shall be reimbursed by the Treasurer in cash if recorded in detail, duly verified by said Committee and approved by the President of the Organization. When it is requested by the Organization or its Executive Committee, the Treasurer shall present and remit to said Organization or Committee all the monies, accounts, books, documents vouchers and records related to his/her duties, and shall deliver them to his successor when the latter is appointed. In each annual meeting, he/she shall render a complete report of the finances of the Organization. The Treasurer shall be bonded (at the expense of the Organization) for an amount which shall be fixed by the Organization, of no less than US $5,000.00.

The founder shall advise the President on work or special duties assigned by the President.

The medical advisor shall advise the Executive Committee in all matters related to health and safety.

The Director of Classifications shall prepare the rankings of the organization every month and be responsible for the distribution of the rankings.

The Director of the Championship Committee shall be responsible for the approval of the world title and elimination bouts and shall decide any complaints or requests regarding title bouts, and recommend the action to be taken by the Executive Committee.

The Sub-Director of the Championship Committee shall substitute for the Director of the Championship Committee in the event of the absence or the inability of the Director.

The other member shall perform all the duties requested by the President.

The Director of the Grievance Committee shall decide any disputes between members and any appeals regarding classifications.


At the annual meeting of the World Boxing Organization, the President shall appoint a Credentials Committee which shall be composed of the Treasurer, the International Commissioner, the Secretary and three members in good standing who are present. The President shall designate one of them as Director. In the opening session of the Organization, the Committee shall present evidence to the Organization of the names of the States, Countries, Provinces, Cities or other political subdivisions represented in said Annual General Meeting (each being a body duly authorized and organized to regulate and supervise boxing) that is qualified to participate and vote in said meeting.

The President shall be empowered to appoint the members of the different Committees and to appoint as many Committees as he/she, at his/her discretion, deems convenient. The President shall not appoint any Committee without first specifying its duties and applying specific regulations to it.

With the exception of the Classifications Committee and the World Championship Committees, no Committee shall make public a report without the prior consent of the President, who shall have the advice and consent of the Executive Committee to approve it.

Chapter IV to Chapter VII


At the Annual Conventions of the Organization, voting on all matters that require a vote shall be determined by the majority vote of the members present and entitled to vote, with the exception of amendments to the Constitution, which shall follow the provisions established in Title Six (6) Article Twenty-One (21) of the Constitution. The Members shall have the right to attend, be acknowledged and vote in the Annual Convention, provided they have paid the required fees prior to the Convention. These Members shall be approved by the Credential Committee and the Executive Committee.

When a vote is taken on any matter in the Convention, any Member present and qualified to vote may request a verification of the affirmative and negative votes. If the petition is sustained by a fifth part of the qualified voters present, the roll shall be called and the tabulation of votes shall proceed.

When more than one office is to be filled, the votes shall be made for the number of candidates necessary to fill the required number of offices. Any vote that does not have the required number of candidates shall be considered void.

In the interim periods between Annual Conventions, the President shall be in charge of the administration of the affairs of the Organization, with the advice and consent of the Executive Committee. The President of the Organization may, at any time, request the Executive Committee, to vote by telephone, fax telex or cable service. In these cases, the President shall recommend the adoption or rejection of any measure, and if in a term of five (5) days he/she does not receive the vote of any member of the Committee, the votes not issued of the Committee members shall be counted as accepting the recommendation of the President. In order for the voting of the Executive Committee to be effective, it must be by a majority of votes cast by the committee, and communicated to all of them through a report from the President of the organization indicating the vote of the members of the Executive Committee on that particular issue.


The members of the Organization shall submit a monthly list of the orders for suspension, fines and reactions made by their own organizations, together with a brief statement of the case to the Central Office of the Organization.

The members of the Organization, pursuant to the law that governs their respective jurisdictions and according to the fundamental intention of the World Boxing Organization to act for the mutual benefit and in the best interest of boxing, shall refuse to permit any person or persons to compete, officiate or act in any boxing contest in the State, Territory, Province, County, Parish, County or City under its jurisdiction, until the suspension period has been set aside by other Commissions or by the Commission, Board or Organization which issued the original order, or a new decision is made by the Grievances and Appeals Committee. It shall be the exclusive jurisdiction of the local promoters and Committees to guarantee the safety of the boxers by complying with the necessary medical norms.


All the World Championship contest recognized by the World Boxing Organization shall be subject to the Rules of World Championship Contests that govern at present, or that could be adopted, from time to time, by the Organization.

All professional boxers recognized by the World Boxing Organization as World Champion in his/her respective category of division, shall defend his/her World Championship as required by, and pursuant to the Rules of the World Championship Contests of the Organization.

The recognition of a professional boxer as World Champion in any of the weight categories of divisions may be suspended or revoked by the Organization, for a proven violation to the Rules and Regulations that govern World Championship Contest, for conduct considered detrimental to the good name and prestige of professional boxing, or for any other good reason that may be established by the World Championship Committee, including the refusal to participate in a bout that has been duly approved by the Championship Committee.

No boxer recognized as World Champion in any of the weight categories established by the World Boxing Organization shall be permitted to hold more that one world title at the same time. In the event that a boxer recognized as World Champion seeks to be champion of any other category or to unify the title with another champion of another organization, he/she must previously request, in writing, the approval of the Championship Committee to participate in said bout. If he/she is to fight in another category, the boxer shall, simultaneously, submit a document agreeing to resign to one of the two titles in the event of being victorious and obtaining the Champion title in another category. His resignation shall be effective within the ten days following the acquisition of the new title.

The Champion who does not request permission to unify his/her title shall be subject to loosing the title held at the time of participating in the unification bout.

The failure to obtain the approval or the refusal to comply with a resolution of the Championship Committee or to submit the resignation document shall constitute cause for the World Championship Committee to recommend to the Executive Committee that the boxer be stripped of the recognition of the World Boxing Organization as title holder.

When a Champion holds a unification title, that is, that he/she is a Champion of another body recognized in its own division, every time he/she defends the title for one or the other body, he/she shall be defending it for both bodies, thus paying the corresponding sanctions to the bodies he/she represents and in compliance with the regulatory provisions in effect of the body involved in said defense.

Should he fail to comply with this provision, the World Boxing Organization shall deprive him/her of the title of Champion of the division.

The World Championships Committee shall be responsible for enforcing the Championship Rules & Regulations. This Committee shall enforce a strict vigilance over all championship contests approved by the Organization, assuring themselves that all contests take place appropriately and according to the Championships Rules & Regulations of the Organization.

Every decision of the World Championship Committee within the scope of World Championship Regulations shall be final and binding for all Members of the Organization, unless the Executive Committee shall vote to hear an appeal therefrom, and having heard such appeal, shall vote to amend, or reverse the decision of the World Championship Committee. No appeal from any decision of the World Championship Committee shall be considered by the Executive Committee unless it is submitted in writing and sent to the President by registered mail within ten days following the date of the decision of the World Championships Committee.


No amendments shall be made to the By-Laws, except at the Annual Conventions of the Organization and by a majority vote of two-thirds of the qualified members present and qualified to vote, and such amendments will have immediate effect from the moment they are approved at the Annual Convention.