August 21, 2014
Townsville, Australia-
WBO reaches out to Townsville Australia youth coordinated by Townsville Fighting Fit Boxing Gym to distribute equipment Boxing supplies to the many needy Youth and spreading the word of awareness of saying no to drugs.
Australia World Boxing Organization Representative, Executive Board Member Danny Leigh have coordinated with Boxing Promoter Joe Pennisi of Ringside Fights Boxing Promotions  and Boxing trainer Jamie Mcintire of Townsville Fighting Fit Boxing Gym along with reigning WBO Oriental Lightweight champion Josh King to help on these gathering of support to reach out to the children of Townsville youth of Australia. 
Mr. Leigh informed that our WBO Organization came on to the right location at Townsville to give opportunity to the many children to stay off the street and rather commit on doing training with Townsville Fighting Fit Boxing Gym.
The big gathering of Youth for the World Boxing Organization “Kids Drug Free Program” came to meet Mr. Leigh to receive their colorful Boxing Gloves donated by the WBO for the Youth, children was enthusiastic gathering to start their training program with Townsville Fighting Fit Boxing Gym.
CEO / Promoter Mr. Joe Pennisi of Ringside Fight sent a warming response to the WBO representatives “Thanking WBO huge for the supplies of equipment Boxing Gloves as a sign of good faith and ongoing commitment to their future boxing endeavors for the children of Townsville”, this is the right time of importance this year to help out on the children of need, he could see that each young person that came through the invitation of the Boxing Gym was thrilled and filled with Happiness and Joy. 
Another great achievements of gift giving from the WBO, Thank you President Francisco “Paco” Valcarcel for the continuous support for the children around the world.  More Power to the WBO!!