After a bit pf waiting we’re now starting to see the end of Japanese cards being put together, and today we had a huge announcement from a press conference to confirm Fuji TV’s December 30th card, which was announced as a world title triple header.

As had long been rumoured Masayuki Ito (24-1-1, 12) [伊藤 雅雪] will indeed be defending his title against mandatory challenger Evgeny Chuprakov (20-0, 10), in what will be Ito’s first defense since winning the title in the US against Christopher Diaz.

It was actually Ito who revealed the press conference to some fans yesterday and increase anticipation or today’s event. His bout with Chuprakov is a good first defense, but one that he should win, given how much Chuprakov struggled with Filipino foe Ernie Sanchez last time out, a man that Ito easily beat back in 2016.

The event is expected to be shown full and live on Fuji TV, giving them a huge platform to kick off their end of year events.

This card will take place at the Ota City General Gymnasium and is expected to have a strong supporting card, though no bouts have yet been announced for it.