The WBO family wishes as speedy recovery to our friend, the great Roberto “Manos de Piedra” Durán. Get well soon, Champ!

Family members have confirmed that the legendary Roberto “Hands of Stone” Duran has been hospitalized in a non-life-threatening condition on Thursday, and the retired boxing has tested positive for COVID-19.

The news came on a day when Panama set a new record for daily cases.

“Test results have just arrived for my dad, and they confirm he is positive for COVID-19,” one of the boxer’s sons, Robin Duran, indicated on Instagram.

“Thank God for now he doesn’t have symptoms beyond a cold. He is not in intensive care nor on a respirator, just under observation.”

According to his son, the 69-year-old Duran was only hospitalized as a precautionary measure for a “respiratory virus” – but he was tested upon admission and came up positive for COVID-19.

“We just spoke to the doctor who told us that his lungs are fine and there are no indications of severe (illness),” Robin Duran said. “We continue to have faith that everything will be ok.”

Duran, a national hero in Panama, has had numerous motion pictures and documentaries made on his life. He fought from 1970 to 2001, becoming a six time world champion along the way, and ended his career with a record of 103 wins, 16 defeats and 70 wins by knockout.

I was requested by the @WBCBoxing @WBABoxing @WorldBoxingOrg & @IBFUSBAboxing to provide info on the #COVID__19. Pls take heed. It still remains a serious issue. God Willing, we are smart, work together & give the coronavirus a KO blow MicrobeBoxing gloveCollision symbol
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#WBOKOCoronavirus #WBOKOCovid19 Former Unified WBO Heavyweight Champion Wladimir Klitschko opened the doors of his hotel in Kiev to support doctors in their fight against the coronavirus.

The Ukrainian boxer published a statement in which he focuses on giving a helping hand to those who need it most:

Dear friends,

What we are facing today is much more than a challenge, we are confronted with an historic task that CAN be mastered, “if” we work together on a shared goal and support each other. It depends on each and every one of us, our responsibility, our involvement and our sense of dignity, how quickly we can get past this situation?

Wladimir #Klitschko, Ruslan Oleksenko and #DEOL Partners are honored in doing their part to accommodate doctors and medical staff in Kyiv’s center. We feel the need to do whatever we can to give back to these medical professionals, true heroes. These folks are on the front lines, putting their lives, and own health ahead of ours, we can never forget.

Our doors and hearts are open to those who are fighting the virus on a day-to-day basis. Each of them are saving lives daily, forever grateful. Thank you 🙏 Telephone for details +380991557733”.

Message from WBO President Francisco ‘Paco’ Valcárcel, Esq. regarding the pandemic coronavirus

“The serious situation that the world is facing due to the terrible coronavirus pandemic forces us to postpone all our activities until next June. All our efforts will be aimed at preventing the spread of this terrible virus by helping to guide and educate all the young people who practice the sport of boxing, regarding how to fight the spreading of this virus. We urge our champions to collaborate with the health authorities in their respective countries, states, municipalities and with the World Boxing Organization in such a noble and necessary effort.”

Mensaje del presidente de la OMB, el licenciado Francisco ‘Paco’ Valcárcel referente a la pandemia del coronavirus:

“La grave situación que está confrontando el mundo debido a la terrible pandemia de coronavirus nos obliga a posponer todas nuestras actividades hasta el próximo mes de junio. Nuestros esfuerzos estarán dirigidos a prevenir la propagación de este terrible virus orientando y educando especialmente a todos aquellos jóvenes que practican el deporte del boxeo, por lo que exhortamos a nuestros campeones a colaborar con las autoridades de salubridad en sus respectivos países, estados, municipalidades y con la Organización Mundial de Boxeo en tan noble y necesario esfuerzo”.