WBO Covid-19 Asia Pacific
Interviewer: Journalist and WBO Media José Sánchez Fournier. Interviewee: WBO Asia Pacific Vice President Leon Panoncillo. Host: WBO In House Counsel Gustavo Olivieri, Esq.

Oscar De La Hoya and Millie Corretjer have donated $250,000 to Adventist Health White Memorial in Los Angeles in an effort to assist the hospital in dealing with expenses related to treating COVID-19 (coronavirus) at the facility.

“Adventist Health White Memorial is my hospital. They took incredible care of my mother when she was fighting breast cancer. During this time of crisis, White Memorial is incurring extraordinary expenses as they continue to provide quality care to our Boyle Heights Los Angeles community,” said De La Hoya.

“On behalf of me, Millie and our children, we are donating $250,000 to White Memorial to help with these critical unexpected expenses. I am challenging my peers — celebrities, athletes, business leaders and community leaders — to donate to White Memorial or your local hospital to help during this crisis,” Oscar added.

“COVID-19 continues to spread quickly throughout the nation. Those who work in health care and at our hospitals are truly heroes, stepping up in a way that deserves our gratitude and admiration. This is our way of saying thank you,” said Corretjer.