Resolution Kenia Enriquez Petition For Direct Rematch

This cause coming to be heard upon the Application of Kenia Enriquez for a Direct Rematch against Melissa McMorrow to their February 28, 2015 WBO Female Flyweight Championship contested in Rosarito, Mexico, the WBO World Championship Committee having considered the Complaint of March 13, 2015 submitted on behalf of Kenia Enriquez by Attorney David Gutierrez, the WBO Supervisor’s Report, the Referee’s Report, having reviewed the video of the match on Azteca TV,, having considered the press reports of the Championship, and having received on April 10 and evaluated declarations offered as evidence, and being full advised in the Premises, it is determined:

WHEREAS WBO Female Flyweight Champion Kenia Enriquez contested her Championship against Melissa McMorrow on February 28, 2015 in Rosarito, Mexico; and

WHEREAS the WBO WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP COMMITTEE recognizes Kenia Enriquez as an excellent Champion and congratulates Melissa McMorrow and Kenia Enriquez for their exceptional Championship Contest of February 28, 2015.

WHEREAS Melissa McMorrow was awarded the Championship by a split decision, and

WHEREAS Kenia Enriquez filed a Complaint on March 13, by Attorney David Gutierrez,

WHEREAS Rule 18 of the WBO Rules provides:


The WBO shall not allow direct return fights, unless recommended by the World Championship Committee and authorized by the Executive Committee. A direct return fight is a fight between the new Champion and the former Champion from whom the new Champion won the title (or between a new Champion and the losing Contestant in a Vacant Title Fight), before the new Champion defends his title against any of the other fighters classified in his category. If the World Championship Committee determines either that the resolution of a Championship Contest was substantially irregular, or that there was a clear misapplication of the rules of boxing resulting in a manifest unfairness, such that in either case the World Championship Committee determines that the Championship was substantially unresolved, the World Championship Committee may, in its discretion, recommend a direct return fight, which may be authorized only by the majority vote of the Executive Committee. The World Championship Committee may recommend a direct return fight for any other circumstance; in that event a direct return fight shall only be authorized by the affirmative vote of not less than 75% of the Executive Committee.’

WHEREAS, the World Championship Contest between Kenia Enriquez and Melissa Mc Morrow was a highly technical, closely competitive match that was cleanly fought by both Contestants at the highest level of skill, and in the opinion of the Committee, was well-officiated and fairly resolved in accordance with the Rules of Boxing and substantially in compliance with the WBO World Championship Rules, and it reflected great credit upon Kenia Enriquez and Melissa McMorrow, the new WBO Champion

NOW THEREFORE IT IS RESOLVED by the WBO World Championship Committee that it does not recommend to the WBO Executive Board that a direct return fight should be ordered pursuant to Rule 18.

April 16 , 2015



By: Luis Batista Salas, Esq. Chairman