Zaurbek Baysangurov

Having won all the possible honors in amateurs Zaur with his trainer Uvais (Zaur’s uncle) decided it was high time to become pro and start climbing pro-boxing Olympus. After looking through the variety of proposals from miscellaneous Russian and European promoters Baisangurov signed with the National Box Promotion of Ukraine. Within a year he fought 10 times. After the 5th he was invited to Sauerland Event Boxing Show. Zaur broke his hand during the bout but managed to stop undefeated Pablo Martin (6-0-1, 2 KOs). Having recovered Zaur again set out for the Germany and KOed Adnan Ozkoban who has a tremendous record in amateurs.

Having KOed Alexander Shnip, Zaur captured the title of the official WBC Junior challenger in 154lb. The bout with the Champ belt at stake has been planning for the autumn. At this moment the proposal appeared to replace Andrey Kuvatov the club mate in the fight for the IBF Junior Middleweight title. Zaur agreed and won by TKO Daniel Urbanski.

Now Zaur holds the EBU Light Middleweight Title, which he won in the bout against Hussein Bayram on 7 July

Baysangurov’s most recent defense was a unanimous decision win over Michael Soro