Wladimir: Mormeck could be dangerous for me

WBO/WBA/IBF heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko is still set on facing 39-year-old former cruiserweight champion Jean Marc Mormeck next year on March 3rd in Germany despite Wladimir’s recent hospitalization for kidney stones.

The medical problem caused Wladimir to postpone his previously scheduled fight with Mormeck and push it to March.

Some boxing fans were hoping that Wladimir would use the opportunity to go in a different direction by picking a better opponent than Mormeck to fight, but Wladimir has made up his mind that he still plans on fighting Mormeck.

Wladimir said to eastsideboxing.com’s On the Ropes Boxing Radio program “Mormeck was so self-confident and he’s in the top 10 in the heavyweight division…I will not view Mormeck as such a bad fighter. He’s experienced. His style could become dangerous if I give him a chance, and I will not give a chance to any opponent.”

Mormeck does have excellent power, but excellent for a cruiserweight, not a heavyweight. He’s shown little of his once impressive power since moving up to the heavyweight division in three fights. Mormeck is going to have his hands full just trying to work his way close enough to land anything against Wladimir.

The only real question about this fight is whether Wladimir will suffer another injury to delay it. Wladimir twice suffered injuries that wiped out fights against Dereck Chisora before finally giving up on the fight. And then recently Wladimir’s kidney stone problem that postponed the Mormeck fight.

Mormeck draws a lot of attention from boxing fans from his home country France, and it would be interesting to find out how much money Mormeck can potentially bring in for television money over there for a Klitschko-Mormeck fight.

You would have to wonder whether Wladimir has negotiated to get that money thrown in the pot for this fight. If not, then I don’t see this as a fight that’s really worthy of Wladimir. He says the top contenders Robert Helenius and Tyson Fury aren’t ready to fight him now, but there has to be better contenders than Mormeck lying around and available for Wladimir to fight.