WBO actividades responsabilidad social

The WBO and several boxing figures shared their experience with future warriors


On June 22, 2017, the World Boxing Organization took part of a very important activity at the Housing Project Villas del Parque of Juana Díaz in Puerto Rico, were we had the opportunity to bring a group of 50 children closer to the world of boxing.

We were kindly invited by social worker Noelia Guzmán, who among many of her important roles organizes the summer activities for the children of this housing project.

The idea was to offer the children, ages 6 through 12, a boxing clinic that would provide them with basic knowledge and information of this noble sport while at the same time promoting healthy habits through the practice of sports and physical activity.

The WBO was able to recruit former world champions from Puerto Rico Alex “Nene” Sánchez, Alfredo Escalera and Samuel “El Torbellino” Serrano; current WBO NABO Super Featherweight champion, Alberto Machado; former heavyweight boxer Victor Bisbal; prospects Juan Carlos Camacho, Carlos Caraballo and Edwin Valentín; international referee José H. Rivera; international judge Hernando Steidel and renowned promoted Peter Rivera.

Together they shared their experience with the children, informed them of the benefits of practicing this sport and in general of the importance of choosing to live a healthy lifestyle and following their dreams.

One of the main pillars of the WBO’s mission is precisely educating about this great sport. The practice of boxing by children and adults brings along many benefits whether it is practiced as a recreational exercise or professionally.

The practice of boxing by children is often a controversial topic, which is precisely why it is important to properly inform the general population on what the sport is all about and eliminating the existing myths. Training boxing offers the following advantages:

· Excellent cardiovascular activity, excellent to get in shape fast

· Teaches discipline

· Helps improve coordination, balance and reflexes.

· Helps build self-esteem and security

· Provides children with necessary tools to defend themselves safely

· It helps improve academic performance by helping with focus and concentration

· Excellent way to deal with frustration, hyperactivity, stress and aggressiveness

· Practicing any sport can help keep children off the streets and all the dangers found here

Having the opportunity to meet and share time with figures of this sport that have had the opportunity to fight in big stages and others that are giving their best to achieve their goals is a great motivator for these children, members of a generation that is in great need of real life heroes.