WBO NABO Mini-Flyweight Championship: Méndez Vs. Rivera in Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico

As a “civil war” could be called the clash between world ranked at 105 pounds Wilfredo “Bimbito” Méndez and Janiel “Pototo” Rivera, who will dispute the WBO’s NABO belt of Méndez, this Friday, May 24, in another edition of “A Puño Limpio”, which will be held at the Rubén Zayas Montañez Coliseum in Trujillo Alto in a presentation of PR Best Boxing Promotions (PRBBP) in association with Spartan Boxing and Miguel Cotto Promotions.

Currently, Méndez (12-1, 5 kos) is ranked #4 by the WBO at 105 pounds, while Rivera (18-3-3, 11 kos), who challenged for a world title in 2013, is ranked #8.

“We are going to present a big fight this Friday between Bimbito Méndez and Janiel Rivera, two well-ranked fighters, who could get a world opportunity to win this Friday,” said promoter Iván Rivera, president of PRBBP. “We also have other good matches and fighters from Trujillo Alto and adjacent areas for the delight of the fans that comes to the Rubén Zayas Montañez Coliseum.”

The main event of the evening will have Bimbito Méndez defending his WBO NABO belt at 105 pounds against Pototo Rivera, in what is expected to be a 10-round “civil war”. Méndez, 22, comes from a victory by way of the knockout in March over Mexican Armando “Chiquita” Vázquez, while Rivera, 27, knocked out Lucian González in March, in the most recent bouts of both fighters. The WBO monarch at 105 pounds is the Filipino Vic Saludar.

“It’s a fight that the fan asked for, even Janiel asked, I’m super happy, second time I’m stellar at home, my audience calls for competitive fights all the time, this fight is competitive, it’s an important fight for me, to win, I put myself number one (in the ranking), the fight is going to be a great show,” said Méndez.

For his part, Rivera said that “Wilfredo Méndez is a boy who is rising, but I understand that he has something that can make me fight for the world title. It’s nothing personal, Wilfredo is a terrific fighter We know each other a little bit, I’m happy that this fight was made, we need boxing stars in Puerto Rico, I know the winner is going to give a good representation of Puerto Rico, but it’s not a secret that I’m going to win. ”

Meanwhile, in an eight round bout, Carlos Arrieta (8-0, 7 kos), will face the Argentine Ernesto Sebastian Franzolini (8-9-1, 1 kos) to eight rounds in 122 pounds, as well as Patrick Cora (6 -0, 5 kos), will fight against the Argentine Luis Alberto Vera (10-14-2, 1 kos) to six rounds and 154 pounds.

The rest of the undercard will have in four-round matches, Ángel Marrero (2-0) against Juan Fonseca (2-0) at 140 pounds; José Manuel Scroggin (1-0-1) against Juseim Cruz (2-0) at 140 pounds; Luis Enrique Rivera (2-5, 2 kos) against Hayron Santiago (5-5-1, 3 kos) at 126 pounds; Mario Suárez (1-0-1) against Eugene Alvelo (0-4) at 160 pounds, and Adrián Martínez (3-2, 2 kos) against a rival to be determined at 140 pounds.