WBO Kids Drug Free in Osaka, Japan

#Japan WBO Kids Drug Free program event was held yesterday at Satsukiyama Gymnasium in Ikeda City, Osaka. 120 people participated in the sparring tournament from 6 years old to 60 years old. Many women also participated.

Participants were presented with WBO goods and everyone was very pleased.

Guests include Tomoko Okuda, WBO Women’s World Super Flyweight Champion, Daiki Tomita, WBO Asia Pacific Light Flyweight Champion, Juan Jose Landaeta (Venezuela), former World Champion, and Kouki Kameda, former Third Class World Champion.

The event is centered around the “champion couple” of former WBO Asia-Pacific super featherweight champion Shinji Nogami and former WBO women’s world Flyweight champion Nana Nogami (maiden name Nana Yoshikawa ). The purpose is to expand the base of boxing competition beyond the barriers of other martial arts by creating a stage where children, women, and the elderly, who have few opportunities to be in the spotlight, can play the leading role.

The competition was divided into Koki Kameda, former 3-division world champion, in addition to Mr. Juan Randaeta, former WBA minimum-weight interim champion, former WBO women’s world super-flyweight champion Tomoko Okuda, and former WBO Asia-Pacific light-flyweight champion Daiki Tomita also participated and interacted with the children.