Umar Kremlev Set as The Head of The Global Boxing Fund

Ekaterinburg, the biggest city of the Ural region of Russia, is a point where boxing powers unite – at least for about a week – as part of the Global Boxing Forum, a specific event to unite efforts in search for order and stability in the sport (both amateur and professional). The entire event is organized by the Russian Boxing Federation, which has undergone some drastic changes over the last couple of years.

As a headliner, Umar Kremlev, a renowned Russian Boxing Federation Secretary General and the EUBC first vice-president, as well as a member of the AIBA Executive Committee, would lead the Global Boxing Fund, which was created on his own initiative. This was announced at a press briefing in Ekaterinburg, Russia, by the World Boxing Organization president Francisco Valcarcel.

“The idea of creating a Global Boxing Fund is beautiful. This is what we can work on. We want to participate and invest in this fund. It is important that transparency is at the forefront so that people can trust us. All decisions must be discussed together with all parties. The main goal of the foundation is to support the future of our kind of sport and its promotion worldwide”, commented Valcarcel.

“I think that Umar Kremlev should become the head of the fund. This is a sign of trust, someone must be a leader. And I think that he will be Umar – this is his idea, he has time for that. He listens to our ideas, unites us”.

“Thank you for your trust”, started Umar Kremlev. “We will make this fund the most transparent. It will support both Olympic and professional boxing. We will all make decisions together, as now we have discussed everything. In the nearest future, we will get together and discuss how to help Olympic boxing. The main thing is our unity”.

“The board of the fund will include all heads of international organizations so that decisions are made jointly. It will also include Olympic champions, boxers from around the world, as well as sponsors who will help in the development of boxing worldwide. The main task of the foundation is transparency to the whole boxing world”.

“The first, of course, will be discussed with the IOC and all the participants in the process so that the foundation takes part in the restoration of the Olympic boxing. We will also take in all the nearest events. We will discuss everything and work out a schedule”, ended Kremlev.

The event itself will be crowned by a huge boxing tournament in the cruiserweight division, which will feature no less than five world-class collisions, involving 200 lbers. The main fight of the night, promoted by German Titov and the RCC is a battle for a vacant WBC Silver belt between WBC #4 Ilunga Makabu and WBC #5 Dmitry Kudryashov.

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