Quillin-Guerrero conference call erupts


Here’s some of the dialog from a recent teleconference discussing the April 27th fight between WBO middleweight champion Peter Quillin and Fernando Guerrero.

Quillin: Like I hear Fernando talking about he’s doing it for the fans and he’s doing it for everybody. But to be able to do it for somebody else, you have to be able to do it for yourself first to be able to prove to other people that, you know what I’m saying, you’re doing it for yourself; and that’s what the fans are going to support, you doing it for yourself.

So, me doing this, it’s more than just like for Cuba and my father, who came over here with just a pair of pants and a shirt with no shoes on and come over here to make a-

Guerrero: I’m sorry to cut you off, Peter.

Quillin: I didn’t cut you off.

(Overlapping voices)

Guerrero: I could never do it for somebody else.

Quillin: I respect what you’re doing. I respect what you’re doing, but when I gave the opportunity to talk and you gave your long answers, I respect that, but now it’s my turn to talk. I’m the champion; respect the champ.

Right now I’m telling you that whatever you’re doing and for whatever reasons you’re doing it, you’re finding the wrong reasons and I’m going to exploit those reasons why you’re doing this for the wrong people. The only thing amounts to when he’s talking running from a cat is when you run into this whole thing and he’s mad that he ran from the cat. All right, when he comes out of the hole and he decides that he’s going to fight the cat and be able to put up a fight and he decided it’s a fight that he can’t win, he runs back to the hole.

Listen man, we both fought older guys. We both had those kind of things in our life to say what we at, why we are at now in life, and right now I’m trying to prove to myself that I’m the strongest champion out there. You will not beat me April 27th. The only thing you’re going to know how to do is run back in that hole like you did with Grady Brewer. You know how to lose. Me and you fighting from two different points of views; you fighting not to want to lose again. I’m fighting to keep my undefeated record and be the powerful champion that God sent me here to be.

Guerrero: Are you done?

Quillin: Yes, let’s keep it short and straight to the point because that’s what I’m going to do when I fight you. We’re going to keep it straight, straight to the point.

Guerrero: The only way we can keep it straight and short to the point is in the ring, my man, you know.

(Overlapping voices)

Quillin: I’m going to prove that April 27th. It is already said and done man.

Guerrero: You just started yesterday and God has blessed you and there’s no doubt, but I don’t respect nobody because I’m the champ. When you get into the ring, you’re not going to fight ….

Quillin: No, you’re fighting an animal, a hungry little animal, that’s what you’re fighting. The only thing you’re going to be in this fight is …

Guerrero: Every animal has his day and you’re not an animal until you face me.

Quillin: I’m the champ. I’m the champ. I’m the champ.

Question: Fernando, I know you have a huge following in Salisbury, Maryland. I was just wondering what type of a response you’re expecting when you step into Barclays, you know, tapped into the Dominican community from New York City.

Guerrero: Well like I said, the following has always been great, but all I need is one or two people. Like I said, all I need is one or two people, and they always come through for me not just because I’m doing it for myself or anything. I fight for different reasons. Boxing, it’s not just about boxing. It’s about what boxing means to those people, what I have achieved, and that’s what I do. I just get in there for those people because those are the ones that made me and I’m going to put my life on the line.

I don’t care about the fight with this dude. I’ve lost … amateur. That’s nothing new to me. Life is not, it’s like a lot of people try to make it seem like because I was in the Dominican Republic and I had no shoes and I had-Peter, you don’t know anything about having no shoes or nothing. You probably never even been to Cuba. Your dad told you.

Quillin: I said boxing is fighting through the struggles. It’s not fighting for two or three people. Boxing is fighting through the struggles. I have been to Cuba. I witnessed my family living in the same house that my father lived in over 32 years ago. I’ve been to the Dominican Republic. I’ve seen how people live in DR. I’ve been to China; I’ve been everywhere.

The thing that’s important to me is that I’m doing this for myself and nobody else, so once I step in there on April 27th the only thing Fernando Guerrero is going to be able to do is run back in that hole because I’m going to be a cat on his ass.

Guerrero: Yes, okay. Well, he already said what I was going to do, so I can’t say anything about that, but we’ll see it in the fight. I’ve never been the type of person that I don’t even know what he’s talking about rat and mouse or whatever and all that stuff and the cat. I just know that I know what made me. I know what I fight for and my purpose, my purpose and that’s what I’m going to go with, my purpose, my heart.

I don’t see this just myself. I see it from everybody. I see from all that energy everything, that’s what keeps me alive and that’s where I’m going to put and that’s what I’m going to show the whole world over there. If you fight for yourself, if you do it for yourself, y’all gonna be … yourself, by yourself.