Photos/Fight Blog: Manny Pacquiao’s Camp Part 1

Manny Pacquiao Fight Blog – Part 1

Judging from the first two fights, what aspect of Marquez’s game poses you the most danger heading into the third bout?

I know what Juan Manuel Marquez is capable of. He is one of the toughest opponents I have ever fought and I have a great deal of respect for his abilities. He is always in shape and very strong. He is the only fighter who has ever figured out my style of fighting

I cannot worry about his preparation or what he brings to the fight though I do study his fight films and do my homework on him. My main concern is how I prepare for this fight. How I can be better and different from my previous fights with him. In that respect the biggest danger I face is not doing everything I can do to win this fight.

Do you like to be called the Mexican Executioner?
I do not like the name Mexicutioner. I love the Mexican boxing fans and that name does not reflect my true feelings about Mexico and its people.

Are you planning anything different in your approach to Marquez this time, especially given how close the decisions were in the first two fights?

I am planning to be different for this third fight because I am a different fighter from our two previous fights. I move better laterally in both directions than before. I am more comfortable using my right hand. Before I was left-hand happy. Now I am more confident in using my right hand as an effective weapon. It’s a lot stronger then the last times we fought. I am so focused for this fight. I will bring a lot more intensity to this battle.

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