Peres-Daniels WBO World Title fight a sell out

Saturday night’s historic WBO Women’s World Light-Heavyweight Championship bout between Auckland’s Geovana Peres (6-1-0) and Whangarei’s Lani Daniels (4-1-0) is officially a sell-out.

The pair will meet at Auckland’s Sky City Convention theatre on March 30 as the main event on a card that looks set to be one of the most significant boxing events of the year.

The two clashed previously in 2018 with Peres earning a split decision victory. However, with the chance to become the inaugural WBO Women’s World Light-Heavyweight World Champion on the line the stakes have risen considerably for their rematch.

A win will see the victor transformed into one the sports elite and with women’s boxing on the rise, will also offer the winner a pathway to future big-ticket opportunities.

Event promoter Bruce Glozier, who has been working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that everything comes together seamlessly this weekend, has been heartened by the enthusiastic public response.

“That was one of the big worries that I had, because putting a show of this scale on there is a huge cost involved,’ Glozier said speaking to Newsie.

“I really needed to make sure that I could cover my costs, but not just that, we really wanted to get a good crowd there as well.

“This is an opportunity for the girls, the undercard and even for myself, to showcase what I am capable of doing.”

The excitement generated by the Peres-Daniels matchup demonstrates that when given centre stage, the public is just as willing to throw their support behind New Zealand’s female fighters as they are their male counterparts.

Both boxers have had successful training camps, and Saturday’s encounter promises to be a memorable one for those fortunate enough to attend.

“I am pretty sure that with the work we have put in that the night is going to be a great night, so I am looking forward to it,” Peres said at last week’s open workout speaking to Gladrap Channel.

“Lani is a very skilled fighter, I never underestimate my opponents, I am sure she is preparing as well as she can, as I am, so let’s see what happens.”

Since her bout with Peres, Daniels has been working with well-known New Zealand trainer John Conway. The veteran coach has helped the 30-year-old Daniels reshape herself as a fighter both physically and technically, and both boxer and trainer are quietly confident that this time it be will Daniels’s hand raised at the bout’s conclusion.

“I feel it’s going to be different, mindset is different, bodies different, “Daniels said speaking to Gladrap.

Conway himself is also certain that this will not be the last time we see these two fighters sharing the ring.

“ I think there will be a third fight between these girls because their first fight was excellent, this next fight is going to be amazing, and there’s going to be talks for a third fight, I can guarantee that,” Conway said speaking alongside Daniels.

The evening’s undercard will feature some of New Zealand’s brightest up and coming talents with undefeated heavyweight Hemi Ahio and promising cruiserweight Navosa Ioata also in action.

“They are well-matched fights; the pro fights on the card and also the corporate undercard. I have worked very hard at putting these matches together,” Glozier said.

“My goal was to complement the main event. I needed a good undercard. We have put a lot of effort into the matchmaking, and I am expecting a really good night.”

The fight will be filmed by SKY television who will broadcast a recap of the night next week.

However Saturday night unfolds, come Sunday morning, the New Zealand public will awaken to find a new world champion in their midst.

Whoever emerges with the strap will find themselves at the start of a life-changing experience, one the whole country will hopefully get behind.