Marquez says he’ll retire in 2012

38-year-old three-division world champion Juan Manuel Marquez says that he expects to retort from boxing in late 2012. “I’ve done a lot of sacrifice and effort for 28 years but I feel that now is the time to say goodbye and begin a new phase in my life. My family is asking me and what I want to do is spend time with them.” Marquez is expected to fight either April 14 or 21 in the New Mexico City Arena against undefeated Argentinian Cesar Cuenca in a clash for the WBO super lightweight interim world title. That fight could be finalized this weekend.

“I’ll possibly do a rematch with Pacquiao, but I’ve gained a good position in the boxing world and when it comes time to retire it will be difficult but I accept it. For now, plans are to fight in April and then in July and finally in November but you know how boxing is. Nothing is certain until the night of the fight.”


By Gabriel F. Cordero