Lozano, Villanueva ready for Telemundo showdown


WBO Latino super flyweight champion “Mighty” Matthew Villanueva (10-0-1, 8 KOs) of Burbank, California looks to successfully defend his title against Tampa-based Daniel “Alacran” Lozano (11-0, 8 KOs) tonight. The bout is scheduled for twelve rounds. Tuto Zabala, Jr., All Star Boxing, Inc is presenting the show in association with Shea Bailey Promotions. Telemundo Network available in HD will televise starting at 11:35 PM.

This will mark just the second time that Villanueva of Puerto Rican descent will fight in another U.S. state other than California. Accompanying him are his management Union Boxing, his head trainer Shadid Saluki, and other members of his team. Lozano is of Mexican descent. Fightnews spoke with both fighters as the fight is now just hours away.

Daniel, have you watched much video of Villanueva?

Daniel Lozano: I have watched some video but I really leave that up to my team for the most part as I just look to follow the game plan they give me.

Matthew, have you seen much video of Lozano and if so what did you get from it?

Matthew Villanueva: I have watched video and from what I saw he likes to counterpunch and if he comes out that way we have something planned.

Daniel, What would you say is your preferred method of fighting?

Daniel Lozano: Honestly I like to go toe-to-toe but you have use intelligence as well and not just be careless in there.

Matthew Villanueva: I really hope he does go toe-to-toe with me because that suits me just fine. If he doesn’t that’s OK as I can box too.

Daniel, you’re the naturally smaller guy having fought at 112 for a while where Villanueva has fought at 115 for quite some time. Do you think your speed can be an advantage for you?

Daniel Lozano: I definitely think I’m faster. I have only fought maybe one guy professionally who was faster than me but you really can’t tell for sure until you get in the ring who is faster.

Matthew Villanueva: I don’t think Lozano is faster than me. I think it’s even at worse and I might even be faster.

Matthew, what do you see as your biggest advantage in this fight?

Matthew Villanueva: Level of competition. I think by far professionally I have fought much better competition than he has.

Daniel, do you feel fighting near home will be a big advantage for you?

Daniel Lozano: We shall see but I do give Matthew a lot of credit for traveling across country to fight me in my own area.

Matthew Villanueva: I actually have family nearby to Tampa so I will have some support as well.

Matthew, how much do you think your size advantage will play a role in this fight?

Matthew Viallanueva: I think overall my naturally bigger size will work favorably for me but I’m not totally depending on that. We have more than one game plan.

Daniel Lozano: We really wont know until we get in there as to who is the stronger puncher. I’m going to bring it and I know he is going to bring it as well. In fights like that usually the smarter fighter wins. May the best man win.