Japan decides to recognize the WBO

WBAN has recived some interesting news coming from Japan. Samart, our Correspondent from Japan translated discourse of Executive Director Hiroshi Akiyama from the Japan Boxing Commission (JBC) in regards to title belts. Its stated the following:

“The JBC decided to recognize the WBO and IBF from 2013. To recognize the WBO and IBF is trend of the world. There is no reason to refuese. Four organizations era will give more opportunity to Japanese boxers. But we think it is undesirable to easily challenge to th world title. So, we will conduct more stringent qualification to the World Challenge.”

* (note4s by Samart) Formany years, the Japan Boxing Commission had recognized only the WBA and WBC as organizations sanctioning championship bouts. And they had not allow boxers based in Japan to fight for the other organizations’ titles. This decision is not applied to other boxing organizations like WIF, WIBA, IFBA.

By Samart of Japan