Crawford-Postol Press Conference Quick Quotes


By Karl Freitag
Photos: Mikey Williams / Top Rank –

Undefeated junior welterweight champions Terence “Bud” Crawford and “The Iceman” Viktor Postol faced off at the final news conference for their WBO/WBC world title unification fight on Saturday night at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. Hall of Fame promoter Bob Arum hosted the proceedings.

Viktor Postol: Hopefully this is going to be an exciting fight. I’ll do everything I can for that.

Terence Crawford: I had a great camp, nice sparring, nice everything, went well on weight, I’m just ready to go out there and display my talent. A lot people aren’t giving me enough credit to the point where everybody’s talking about Postol’s jab. Well we’re gonna see who’s got the better jab come Saturday. Everybody stay tuned. It’s gonna be a great fight.

Bob Arum: This fight I think is the best fight certainly that’s been offered to date [in 2016] to fight fans. It matches two terrific young fighters, each a champion, each with the same record, 28 wins and no defeats, each holding a belt from their respective organizations. It has everything that great fights have had for all the years I’ve been associated with boxing. I’ve been in boxing for over 50 years, and I’ve been associated with great, great fights. This fight, to me, is up there with any of the fights that I’ve promoted. I remember a number of years ago down in Florida at the Orange Bowl I promoted a great, great 140lb championship fight between Aaron Pryor and the late, great Alexis Arguello. And that was a fight for the ages. Look it up. Watch it. One of the great, great fights you’d ever want to see. And I really believe that this fight will be the equal of that unbelievable fight so many years ago, I guess it was in 1981. I really am looking forward to a tremendous fight here on Saturday.

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