Cleverly: If The Fight is That Easy, Why Don’t Froch Do It!

WBO light heavyweight champion Nathan Cleverly (23-0, 11KOs) is wondering why super middleweight Carl Froch (28-2, 20KOs) is refusing to fight him. Cleverly feels Froch is possibly being arrogant in his refusal of a fight, especially one that would generate a lot of money with the British market. In a recent interview, Froch said he wasn’t too impressed with Cleverly and didn’t consider him as a hard opponent. If the fight is that easy, then Cleverly wonders why Froch is not signing a contract.

“Yes, possible [Froch is being arrogant]. I just think business wise it would make clear sense and it would be a great fight. I know he would have to step up a weight division but like I said it would [give him a chance] to become a two-weight champion. And if its going to such an easy fight for him, then why not do it,” Cleverly told Sky Sports.


By Edward Chaykovsky