07/28/2017 Shiming Zou vs. Sho Kimura

Date:  Friday – July 28, 2017


Location:  Shanghai Oriental Sports Center, Shanghai, China

Promoter:  Zou Xuan Sport & Culture Development Co. LTD

Supervisor:  Leon Panoncillo, Jr.

Referee:   Danrex Tapdasan

Judges:   Robert Hoyle  96-94,  Edward Ligas  93-97, Sawaeng Thaweekoon  94-96

Results:  The WBO Flyweight Championship Title was won by Sho Kimura.  Sho Kimura (15-1-2, 7 KOs) scored a stunning eleventh round TKO over WBO flyweight champion Zou Shiming (9-2, 2 KOs) to claim the WBO belt against Zou Shiming by KO at the 11th round.


07/02/2017 Umar Salamov vs. Damien Hooper

Date:  Sunday, July 2, 2017


Location:  Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Promoter:  Duco Events Ltd/Dean Lonergan –  Top Rank/Bob Arum  

Supervisor:   Leon Panoncillo

Referee: Phil Austin

Judges:   Katsuhiko Nakamura 96-94, Adam Height 96-94, Danrex Tapdasan  96-94

Results:   The WBO International Lt. Heavyweight Title was defeated by Damien Hooper against Umar Salamov by Unanimous Decision.

TV:   USA ESPN, Australia Main Event, New Zealand Sky Arena

05/06/2017 Joseph Parker vs. Razvan Cojanu

Date:  Saturday, May 6, 2017

WBO Heavyweight  Title Bout

Location: Vodafone Events Centre, Manukau City, New Zealand

Promoter:   Duco Events / David Higgins and Top Rank / Bob Arum

Supervisor:   Leon Panoncillo

Referee:   Mike Ortega

Judges:  Danrex Tapdasan (117-110), Gerardo Martinez (117-110), Deon Dwarte (119-108)

Results:    The Champion Joseph Parker successfully defended his WBO world heavyweight title and won by unanimous decision over Razvan Cojanu in Auckland.

TV: New Zealand Sky Arena, Australia FOX

05/06/2017 Umar Salamov v. Emil Markic

Date:  Saturday, May 6, 2017

WBO International Lt. Heavyweight Title Bout

Location: Vodafone Events Centre,  Manukau City, New Zealand

Promoter:    Duco Events / David Higgins and Top Rank / Bob Arum

Supervisor:   Danny Leigh

Referee:  Danrex Tapdasan

Judges:  Ian Scott, Darcy Williams, Arnaru Harriman

Results:    The Vacant WBO International Lt. Heavyweight Title was won by Umar Salamov against Emil Markic by KO’ed on 4th. round.

TV:  United Kingdom SKY, New Zealand Sky Arena, Australia FOX

Monserrat Alarcón conquistó el cetro mundial mosca de la WBO


La mexicana Monserrat “Raya” Alarcón (ahora con marca de 10-4, sin nocauts y dos empates), de 23 anos de edad, fue como una fierecilla que agazapada esperaba sorprender a la osakaense Nana Yoshikawa (ahora 7-2, 4 KOs), de 38 años, la derribó en los rounsd 1 y 4 en ruta a destronarla como campeona mundial mosca de la WBO, por decisión técnica en siete episodios.

En duelo efectuado este sábado en la ciudad de Sakai, provincia de Osaka, las acciones fueron detenidas en el séptimo giro debido a una fea cortada arriba del ojo izquierdo de Monserrat por un cabezazo accidental. En esos momentos, Nana iba abajo en las puntuaciones (62-70, 63-69, 64-68) y según las reglas todavía se calificó ese último asalto. La peleadora local fracasó en su primera defensa.

Nana intentó rebatir, pero poco pudo hacer ante el ritmo y velocidad de la bajita Monserrat Alarcón, sin poder hacer su boxeo a distancia sobre las piernas. Con 1.64 metros de estatura, Nana aventajaba a su rival con 12 centímetros.

En el sexto round se produjo un cabezazo casual por lo cual Monserrat Alarcon sufrio una profunda cortadura en el párpado superior izquierdo.

Al comenzar la séptima vuelta, el réferi filipino Danrex Tapdasan no pudo menos que detener la pelea al ver la peligrosa herida de Alarcón.

Después de darse a conocer el veredicto, Yoshikawa reconoció con franqueza su derrota indiscutida y felicitó a la flamante monarca universal de las 112 libras. En el pesaje previo, Monserrat marcó 50.600 kilogramos, por 50.800 de la todavía campeona, según el reporte oficial.

Tras la pelea, Shinji Nogami, esposo y entrenador de Nana Yoshikawa, insinuó el retiro del boxeo de su esposa.


WBO female 112lb champ Yoshikawa to face Mexican Alarcon today


Report, Photos by Joe Koizumi –

This reporter sometimes wonder why such pretty girls exchange punches in the ring, but such an impression repeated at the weigh-in yesterday. WBO female flyweight champion Nana Yoshikawa (7-1, 4 KOs) will make her initial defense against Mexican national titlist Monserrat Alarcon (8-3-2) today (Saturday) in Sakai, Osaka Prefecture, Japan. Yoshikawa, who turned professional late after her long amateur career, acquired the world belt in her eighth bout by defeating Korean Eun-Hye Lee in the title bout for the vacant championship. Yoshikawa, trained by her husband Shinji Nogami, tipped the beam at the 112-pound class limit, while Alarcon a quarter pound lighter at 111.75.

Yoshikawa said, “I wish to show a good performance to respond to my supporters and defend my belt.” Alarcon, also a cute girl, expressed her ambition, saying, “I’d like to bring back the world belt to Mexico.” Monserrat is accompanied by her promoter Hector Garcia and trainer Agustin Vazquez.


The officials are as follows: referee Danrex Tapdasan (Philippines); judges Surat Soikrachang (Thailand), Edward Ligas (Philippines) and Takeo Harada (Japan); WBO supervisor Leon Panoncillo (US). This show is presented by Sakai Higashi Mitsuki Promotions.


02/26/2017 Moises Calleros vs. Tatsuya Fukuhara

Date:  Sunday, February 26, 2017

WBO Interim Mini Flyweight Championship Title Bout

Location:  Kamiamakusa, Kumamoto, Japan

Promoter:  Honda Fitness Promotions / Kenya Honda

Supervisor:   Leon Panoncillo, Jr.

Referee:  Danrex Tapdasan,

Judges:   Sawaeng Thawaekoon (112-116), Edward Ligas,  (112-116),  Surat Soikrachang (115-113)

Results:  The Japanese Tatsuya Fukuhara  won the Interim WBO Mini-Flyweight title with a split decision over  Moises Calleros.


08/20/2016 Riku Kano vs. Katsunari Takayama

Date:   Saturday, August 20, 2016


Location:   Komagatani Gym, Sanda Hyogo, Japan

Promoter:  Taisei Marumoto / Taisei Promotions

Supervisor: Leon Panoncillo

Referee:  Danrex Tapdasan

Judges:    Salven Lugumbay (58-56);   Waleska Roldan  (59-56);  Lynne Carter (59-55)

Results:   The vacant WBO Mini-Flyweight Championship was adquired by Katsunari Takayama over Riku Kano. Takayama was awarded a Unanimous Technical Decision

Takayama awarded WBO 105lb belt by technical decision


By Joe Koizumi
Photos: Sumio Yamada –

Japanese veteran speedster Katsunari Takayama (31-8-1NC, 12 KOs), 105, acquired the vacant WBO 105-pound belt as he was awarded a unanimous technical decision over 18-year-old prospect Riku Kano (10-2-1, 5 KOs), 105, due to Takayama’s deteriorated laceration at 0:58 of the sixth round on Saturday in Sanda, Japan. Salven Lagumbay (Philippines) scored the competitive fight 58-56, Waleska Roldan (US) and Lynne Carter (US) had it 59-56 and 59-55 respectively, all for the 33-yer-old ex-titlist. As expected, the notorious bleeder Takayama bled from a gash over the left eyebrow due to an accidental butt from the third on, but not as expected, the victor wasn’t his opponent but Takayama. When the referee Danrex Tapdasan of the Philippines halted the affair midway in round six, some 3,000 spectators, most of whom were Kano adherents, believed Kano was a winner by a TKO. But the fact was a technical decision, which resulted in a victory for Takayama against Sanda citizens’ earnest expectations.

People wanted to see the fight until the end, because they realized Takayama’s tendency of slowing down in later rounds and the much younger Kano would display his superior stamina therein. But the technical decision shuttered Kano’s ambition as well as Sanda people’s expectations.

Kano, a southpaw youngster, made a good start by connecting with southpaw right hooks to the onrushing veteran Takayama in the opening session. The second saw Takayama start to show his trademark quick combinations upstairs and downstairs regardless of precision. Since then, Kano occasionally caught the veteran with southpaw lefts followed by right hooks, but Takayama proved busier in mixing up by pinning Kano to the ropes. Kano, in round four, was so aggressive that he kept stalking the older foe, but Takayama landed a solid right to shake him up in the middle of the session.

People realized Kano could punch harder, but he punched at a time, while Takayama threw punches in combination to the face and the body. The audience was stunned to see the bout abruptly stopped midway in the sixth, when the ringside physician advised the third man to halt the affair against people’s expectations.

Takayama thus acquired the world belt on five occasions to his credit, while Kano tasted a bitter setback despite a warm support by his manager/promoter/trainer Taisei Marumoto, ex-OPBF welter champ. But it may be true that Kano needs more experience and this defeat might be a good lesson for his future surge.

Takayama said, “I wished to fight until the end to win the world belt. I feel sorry to the ambitious Kano, who is talented and will zoom up in the near future. We may have to fight again.”

The upcoming promoter Marumoto was crestfallen, but said, “People here might feel indigestion at such a termination, but I’ll promote a rematch at our earliest convenience to show them the unseen second half of the bout.”

thumbs_takayamakanophotos26 thumbs_takayamakanophotos01 thumbs_takayamakanophotos02 thumbs_takayamakanophotos03 thumbs_takayamakanophotos04 thumbs_takayamakanophotos05 thumbs_takayamakanophotos06 thumbs_takayamakanophotos07 thumbs_takayamakanophotos08 thumbs_takayamakanophotos09 thumbs_takayamakanophotos10 thumbs_takayamakanophotos11thumbs_takayamakanophotos12 thumbs_takayamakanophotos13 thumbs_takayamakanophotos14thumbs_takayamakanophotos15 thumbs_takayamakanophotos16 thumbs_takayamakanophotos17 thumbs_takayamakanophotos18 thumbs_takayamakanophotos19 thumbs_takayamakanophotos20thumbs_takayamakanophotos21 thumbs_takayamakanophotos22 thumbs_takayamakanophotos23 thumbs_takayamakanophotos24 thumbs_takayamakanophotos25 thumbs_takayamakanophotos26 thumbs_takayamakanophotos27 thumbs_takayamakanophotos28



WBO female 118lb champ Fujioka defeats Shindo in women’s fight of the decade

thumbs_61416fujio011  thumbs_61416fujio024

By Joe Koizumi
Photos: Sumio Yamada

40-year-young WBO female bantamweight champ Naoko Fujioka (15-1, 6 KOs), 117.5, impressively kept her belt when she withstood the opening attack of ex-WBC flyweight titlist Go Shindo (16-4, 11 KOs), 117.75, took back the initiative with her furious retaliation and finally pounded out a very unanimous verdict (98-91 twice and 97-92) over ten grueling rounds on Monday in Tokyo, Japan. It must be Fight of the Decade, as our people never saw such a furious give-and-take battle in female boxing history in Japan.

The opening session witnessed Shindo almost topple the defending champ with a vicious right cross twice, and the crowd sensed that the end would come soon with the challenger victorious, but it was Fujioka that displayed desperate retaliations from the second round onward. Piling up points, Fujioka finally caught up with the game and hard-punching Shindo, taller and bigger than the champ, and floored her with a solid right to the face in the closing seconds of the eighth. 

Shindo, who had lost a controversial split duke to Mariana Juarez in quest of the WBC 112-pound belt in Los Angeles four years ago, showed her heart with desperate attacks with full power in round nine, but the champ gamely fought back hard with faster and more accurate combinations toe-to-toe in the squared circle. Japan’s Katsuhiko Nakamura finely controlled the hard-fought contest.

In the first WBO title bout, 46-year-young Nao Ikeyama (10-2, only one KO), 100.75, barely kept her 102-pound belt by a split draw (96-94, 94-96, 95-95) with Saemi Hanagata (12-7-2, 6 KOs), 101.77, over ten. Danrex Tapdasan of the Philippines was the third man.

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By Dong Secuya –


DUBAI – Filipino boxers Genesis ‘Azukal’ Servania, ‘King’ Arthur Villanueva and Rey ‘Boom-Boom’ Bautista won their respective fights against Latino opponents in the ‘Pinoy Pride XXVII – Duel in Dubai’ Friday night at the Dubai World Trade Center here to the delight of a full house mostly Filipino crowd who treated the evening’s event like a big party.

servania.wins.140905.01.500wServania wins

Servania’s opponent, Jose ‘Matador’ Cabrera from Mexico, quit at the beginning of the 10th round to give Servania the TKO victory and retained his WBO Intercontinental super bantamweight title. True to his monicker, Cabrera’s stance was like a matador who allowed Servania to throw the first punch before throwing his own counters. Servania, however, timed his punches perfectly and caught Cabrera with a left-right combination that sent Cabrera down to the canvas in the second round. In the third round, Servania, sensing Cabrera was hurt, continued to put pressure as he punished Cabrera with left crosses and looping rights. At the end of the round, Referee Danrex Tapdasan went to Cabrera’s corner and summoned the ring physician to check Cabrera’s condition.

It appeared that it’s only a matter of time before Servania was going to finish the Mexican. In the 4th round, as Servania continued to put on the pressure with the aim of knocking out Cabrera, the Mexican connected with some big counters that stopped Servania on his track and completely changed the complexion of the fight. In the 5th and succeeding rounds, Servania became hesitant as Cabrera’s confidence grew and suddenly Servania’s victory was put in peril. Cabrera probably took the 5th, 6th and 7th rounds before Servania came back strong in the 8th and 9th rounds putting back Cabrera on the defensive. Cabrera was deducted a point in the 8th round for excessive low blow before a clash of heads in the ninth round caused a cut under Cabrera’s left eye. At the end of the ninth round, Cabrera’s cornerman stopped the fight to give Servania a TKO victory in an anti-climactic ending. Servania was widely ahead on the three judges’ scorecards before the stoppage. Servania later said after the fight that he had suffered leg cramps by the 6th round. Servania has now upped his undefeated record to 25 wins with 11 knockouts. The ‘matador’ from Mexico has dropped to 24 wins, 5 losses and two draws.


Villanueva vs. Maldonado

In the other regional title fight, Arthur Villanueva captured the IBF International Jr Bantamweight Title by defeating Henry ‘El Crespo’ Maldonado of Nicaragua via split decision with scores of 117-110, 116-113 in favor Villanueva and 114-113 for Maldonado. After a quiet first round where both fighters had a feeling out of each other, an explosion of punches came out in the second round when Villanueva connected with a left-right combination that staggered the Nicaraguan. As Villanueva pursued, Maldonado unleashed a flurry of punches of his own that caught Villanueva and sent the Filipino to the canvas in a flash knockdown. When the fight resumed, a phone-booth battle ensued that put jampacked crowd at the edge of their seats. After the smoke of the 2nd round battle subsided, Villanueva, later admiting that Maldonado had hurt him, decided to box and transformed the fight into a battle of wits and attrition until the fight ended. Maldonado was cut in his scalp from the second round fireworks and later sustained multiple cuts in his forehead, eyebrows and the back of his head as the fight progressed. Villanueva has now improved his undefeated record to 26 wins with 14 knockouts while Maldonando dropped to 19-4-0.

Bautista vs. Martinez

The popular Boom-Boom Bautista won by majority decision against Juan Jose ‘Piquet’ Martinez of Mexico with scores of 68-65, 67-65 and 66-66 in a 10-round non-title fight. As expected, the fight developed into a slambang affair where each fighter was trying to knock each other out. Bautista however got the better of the exchanges most of the time and put Martinez to the canvas in the 5th round. Martinez also had his moments where he cut Bautista’s left eyebrow with a punch and also appeared to hurt Boom-Boom in the later rounds. In the 7th round, a clash of heads caused Bautista a deep cut in his left eyelid where blood was oozing profusely. Veteran referee Bruce McTavish summoned ring physician Rene Bonsubre to check on Bautista’s cut where Bonsube recommended to McTavish to stopped the fight. Bautista has improved his record to 36-3-0 with 26 knockouts while Martinez suffered his 2nd defeat in 21 fights. 

In the undercard, local favorite Filipino Larry Abarra of the Round 10 Boxing Club of Dubai displayed pin-point punching and ring smarts to overpower and totally outbox Chatpayak Nuengkawkawhok of Thailand in a four round superbantamweight bout. 

Two other Round 10 Boxing Club mainstays Deo Kizito of Uganda and Mohammad Akram of Syria also won their bouts. Kizito edged Anusher Abdullaev of Uzbekistan with scores of 38-36, 38-37 and 38-37 while Akram scored three knockdowns against Thailand’s Kong Windy Sports en route to 2nd round knockout victory. 

The ALA Promotions’ and ABS-CBN’s first international boxing event on the highly popular ‘Pinoy Pride’ series was hugely successful as the 2,600 tickets printed for the event were sold-out. A few hundred people who came to the venue were not able to get in there were no more tickets available.




Chuncheon, KOREA–An interesting bust-up takes place here today as reigning WBO mini flyweight world champion Su-Yun-Hong defends her title against Japan’s Mako Yamada over ten rounds at the city gymnasium.

This is a highly anticipated face-off between the two undefeated lady boxers, with both media outlets from both countries giving attention to the fight.

Hong came in at 105 lbs, while Yamada was 103 lbs at yesterday’s weigh-in supervised by WBO Asia Pacific chairman Leon Panoncillo.

Hong, unblemished in 9 scraps with 5 KO’s, will be making the third defense of the title he won back in 2012. Yamada, 19, is unbeaten in 6 bouts with 2 KO’s.

Promoter for today’s bout is YMW Promotions headed by Moyung-Woo Yuh.

Third man on the ring is lawyer Danrex Tapdasan while judges are ABC-accredited Salven Lagumbay of the Philippines, Japan’s Katsuhiko Nakamura, and Korea’s Joong-Suk Kwon.



ALEX LEAPAI.lionheartPhoto: Google images/www.aus-boxing.com —


Hengyang, CHINA–Australia’s Alex “Lionheart” Leapai proved true to his moniker after he eked out a workmanlike stoppage win over the very game Mexican heavyweight fighter Felipe Romero at the jampacked Hengyang Stadium here, in the process retaining his World Boxing Organization (WBO) Asia Pacific heavyweight title.

The Samoa-born Leapai, who came in at 110 kilograms at the weigh-in prior to the bout, applied pressure all throughout the bout, but found himself at the receiving end of Romero’s jabs and body shots along the way. Fighting with blood oozing from his nostrils, Romero tried to outbox Leapai, but could not handle the power of the reigning champion.

Leapai scored the first knockdown of the night right at the get-go, sending Romero crashing to the canvas for the count, but could not put away the fleet-footed heavyweight Mexican who danced his way out of harm’s way.

The end came at the 2:13 mark of the ninth round after Leapai sent Romero twice to the canvas, prompting referee Bruce McTavish to put an end to the fight.

Leapai was quoted as saying he broke his hand in the first round, which could have explained why he could not finished Romero earlier than expected.

At the time of the stoppage, both judges Salven Lagumbay and Danrex Tapdasan of the Philippines scored the bout 77-74 for Leapai while Thailand’s Sawaeng Thaweekon saw it at 78-73 in favor of the Queensland-based heavyweight. With the win, Leapai improved to 29 wins, 4 losses, 3 draws with with 24 knockouts. Romero dipped to 16 wins, 7 losses, 1 draw with 11 knockouts.

Supervisor for the fight was WBO Asia Pacific chairman Leon Panoncillo assisted by WBO Australia representative Danny Leigh.

Meanwhile, earlier in the day, promoter Liu Gang also sponsored a seminar for officials conducted by the WBO, where Chinese pro boxing officials learned tips from veteran fight officials Bruce McTavish, Salven Lagumbay, Sawaeng Thaweekon, and Danrex Tapdasan.

The aim was to improve pro boxing officiating in China, said the 42-year-old Liu Gang, one of China’s biggest promoters.





Pinoy Pride XXI WBO Officials (L-R): Referee Raul Caiz Jr, Judges Salven Lagumbay, Ed Olalo, Joe Garcia and Bruce McTavish, WBO Vice-President Leon Panoncillo Jr, Referee Danrex Tapdasan and Judge Ulysses Glen. Photo by Dong Secuya.

No less than the biggest boxing promoters in the country are in agreement that when it comes to holding the biggest and the best events, officials of the World Boxing Organization (WBO) in the Philippines and elsewhere in Asia are at par with the best anywhere in the world.

This was nowhere more evident than during the “Pinoy Pride XXI” event at the plush Solaire Resort and Casino, where the WBO once again had a big night with two title belts being put at stake for the mega boxing promotion.

WBO Asia Pacific chairman Leon Panoncillo, who single-handedly brought the WBO in Asia into the world, takes much pride in his officials, indicating the high level of professionalism attained by the officials all through these years.

This is the same professionalism that has earned the respect of ALA Promotions, the country’s biggest promoter, as the WBO officials are noted for the amount of improvement they have racked up since the first edition of Pinoy Pride series.

“I commend you for arriving on time for the weigh-ins and rules meetings. I know you are busy in your respective fields, but you really take the time to join each rules meeting and you dress the part,” said Panoncillo, noting that WBO officials are always prim and proper during meetings leading up to fight night.

ALA Promotions patriarch, the beloved sportsman Antonio L. Aldeguer, is always first to commend the WBO officials based on how they conduct themselves during weigh-ins and fight night. WBO officials always attend weigh-ins in suits and formal attire, a big departure from the old school organizations whose officials wear jeans and shirts during weigh-ins and press conferences.

WBO Asia chairman Leon Panoncillo also makes sure everything is in order before each fight, making sure all purses, sanctioning fees and officials’ fees are turned in before the first bell. This is a far cry from stories we hear of fighters and officials not getting paid in other organizations.

Even ABS-CBN, which covers the ‘Pinoy Pride’ series and the biggest television network in the country, are apparently impressed with how the WBO runs shows in the country. Veteran sportswriter and commentator Ronnie Nathanielsz always notes how the officials score fairly and conduct themselves in the right manner.

As it is, all these is a result of long years of improving and having a keen understanding of the sport, said Panoncillo.

“We could not have done this without the support of credible promoters like ALA Promotions and leading network like ABS-CBN,” the WBO exec said.

In the Philippines, the WBO boasts of two officials who are licensed by the Association of Boxing Commissions (ABC), regarded as the universal organization for boxing. International boxing judge Salven Lagumbay was the first Filipino to earn an ABC certification, followed by international referee Danrex Tapdasan. International judge Edward Ligas is also a regular WBO Convention attendee, just like Lagumbay and Tapdasan.